Accent Intensive

Make focused changes quickly

Do you want to solve one or two major accent issues in your English, rather than having comprehensive face-to-face training? Ear & Speak’s Accent Intensive is a special narrow-focus English accent reduction program, suitable for people who can’t attend (or don’t need) our regular open-ended training.

Bring focus and energy to the Accent Intensive because it’s about achieving changes through intense practice over a short time!

We prepare for your training based on recordings of your voice, and information about your goals, occupation and background (to ensure best possible relevance). If you have a problem that has been bugging you for ages, you can even tell us what you want to work on.

You attend four appointments over two weeks.


During training: to make significant progress in understanding and correcting the key problem(s) in words, common phrases and careful conversation.

After training: that the client, in normal conversation, will be able to correctly pronounce a wide range of common words relevant to their life and work. This requires the client to continue to practise regularly and make strong efforts to implement their new skills in real life.

Is it worth working on only one or two problems?

Yes. We understand that it might seem limiting, but focusing intensely on one or two major issues can be very beneficial if you can’t attend longer-term face-to-face training.

Sometimes people try to identify every problem in their pronunciation in a short time. That does very little to help them improve, but it does a lot to damage their confidence. That’s why we want you to focus intensely on one or two problems instead.

  • The clarity of your speech will improve, resulting in fewer requests to repeat yourself.
  • Your confidence will usually improve.
  • You will probably find that you can notice and correct some other issues by yourself in the future.

Key details:

  • We prepare your training after analysing recordings of your voice.
  • 3.5 hours of one-on-one training, over 2 weeks.
  • We focus on one or two major accent issues.
  • Special webpages with audio/video and wordlists to help you work by yourself.
  • Native English-speaker recordings of your work/life-related vocabulary and difficult words.

Program fee:

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  • Appt 1: New knowledge, feedback, tips (60 mins, face-to-face)
  • Appt 2: Testing, repair and feedback (60 mins, face-to-face)
  • Appt 3: Testing, repair and feedback (30 mins, Skype or face-to-face)
  • Appt 4: Review, feedback and consolidation (60 mins, face-to-face).

We put aside a small number of times for Accent Intensive clients (because most of our time is devoted to clients attending regular training). Most face-to-face Accent Intensive appointments will be available on Tuesdays (between 12:00 and 16:00) and Fridays (between 10:00 and 15:00). Other times may become available if our schedule permits. The 30-min Skype appointments are available more flexibly.

What issues can be worked on?

One or two simple major issues, depending on how easily the client can make changes quickly. “Simple” issues are most problems relating to one particular sound, such as long A (e.g. car, last) or TH (e.g. thick, path).

Complex major issues are of course harder, and one problem will usually take up the full time of the Accent Intensive. These are most problems relating to (1) the sounds L, R, and N, (2) confusions between sounds (e.g. L-R), (3) combinations of sounds (e.g. plant, last), (4) the flow or linking of words in phrases, (4) emphasis.

Issues that can’t usually be dealt with in the Accent Intensive: (1) melody, (2) speech rhythm.

The process:

  • Send an enquiry to Ear & Speak. You’ll receive information and instructions.
  • Confirm schedule of appointments and make payment.
  • Prepare and upload some short diagnostic recordings of your speech.
  • Attend appointments for intensive explanation, guidance and correction over two weeks.

As the goal of Accent Intensive is rapid change in your habits in a short period, it is essential that you attend all appointments as scheduled. There is little scope for rescheduling, and this would undermine the goal of strong reinforcement within a short period. If, due to documented ill health, you are unable to attend one or more appointments after booking, each cancelled appointment will be replaced with the option of a single Skype appointment. Refunds will only be offered for cancellations prior to the start of training: (1) between 15 and 28 days before the first appt: 70% refund, (2) between 5 and 14 days before the first appt: 40% refund, (3) less than 5 days before the first appt: 20% refund.